Video Editing / Production

I've done corporate and independent videos for training, promotions, comedy, and drama.


Demo Reel

Audio Mixing / Editing

Eight years at Matchframe Video where I did mixing, editing, prelay, laybacks, VO, & noise reduction. Clients include Warner Bros, Comedy Central, USA Network, Media Access @ WGBH.

Demo Reel

My post-production audio experience comes from 8 years as an Editor/Mixer in the Sound Department at Matchframe Video in Burbank, CA. I did mixes for Warner Bros., Comedy Central, USA Network and many others. I am proficient in 5.1 mixing, editing, SFX, noise reduction (thank you, reality TV) ADR, VO, etc..

My post-production video editing experience comes from my time as a Digital Media Technician for Premiere Digital Services where I use Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve, and Cortex to conform and redistribute content domestically and internationally for clients like Lionsgate, Summit, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and many more. I have also delivered content as a freelance video producer where I have shot and produced corporate videos and I have produced videos collaboratively and independently for comedy projects in the Chicago and Los Angeles independent film scenes.

I have a creative background as a graduate of the Second City Writing Program (sketch, TV, film) and have independently written and produced several sketch shows in the Chicago area. I have a Los Angeles post-production background with both video and audio experience.


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